ins and outs

The ins and outs blocks express the number of inputs and outputs channels of the algorithm implemented. They always must be expressed at the top of the omni file.

There are different ways to express them:

  1. ins and outs must be expressed with an integer literal value. The colon is optional when not defining any input/output names.

    ins:  3
    outs: 2
    ins  3
    outs 2
  2. Optionally, it’s possible to define names for each of the ins or outs with literal string values. These will then be used in whatever wrapper of your choice (SuperCollider, Max) to determine the name of the inputs of the created objects. If no names are specified (like in case number 1), omni will export the “in1”, “in2”, “out1”, “out2”, etc… names.

    ins 3:
    outs 2:
  3. Also, default values, together with minimum and maximum ranges can be specified for each in.

    ins 3:
        "freq"  {440, 1, 22000} #3 values = default / min / max
        "phase" {0, 1}          #2 values = min / max
        "amp"   {0.5}           #1 value  = default
    outs 2:


If no ins or outs are defined, they are defaulted to ins 1 and outs 1.

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